• Twitter, Ecommerce and your Business

    Since the arrival of Twitter, it has been embraced by millions of people. The ability to send bite sized messages to followers around the world has proven to be an effective and accurate way of targeting those with specific interests. Twitter is a great tool for companies that conduct their business online. Today it is […]

  • Expanding Your Online Business Into Foreign Markets

    If you want your business to advance into international markets, then it is essential that you have a website that is perceived to be “local” to those that live in your target area. This involves a whole lot more than simply translating text and providing language options. Here, I will introduce some of the most […]

  • Introducing Google Goggles

      Today we are going to take a quick look at one of Google’s newest search technologies, Google Goggles. This new feature is built into the Google app currently found on the Iphone and Android markets and its primary function is to allow someone to take a picture of a logo, item, QR code….in fact, […]

  • Adapting to Google Panda

    After Google rolled out their new search algorithm update, commonly referred to as Panda, the need for original content has never been greater for small businesses looking to see their websites rank highly on Google based searches. Gone are the days where simply copying and pasting articles, packed with SEO friendly keywords, would attain a […]

  • Choosing a Browser for your Smartphone

    Browsing on a mobile device used to be a frustrating and cumbersome experience, thanks to slow hardware, browsers that were incompatible with many websites and fiddly input methods. Today, the modern Smartphone has mostly eradicated these issues, offering users quick hardware with intuitive data input methods……but all the hardware and design means nothing if you […]

  • Know Your Site

    A good starting point for planning the future of your website is to analyze what you already have. To some extent we are doing this all the time. That is how new projects happen. However, a more formal approach helps to better inform your decision-making throughout the web project. There are two ways to better […]

  • Make Your Website Tablet Friendly

    This year is set to see an explosion In mobile devices. With the success of the iPad in 2010, it seems just about every manufacturer (Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, HP, Dell and ASUS) is preparing to release a new tablet to battle with the new iPad 2. With this in mind, it would be a good […]

  • Google Search Engine Optimization

    Every business would like their website to be on top when potential customers are searching on Google. To make this possible, it is essential that your website is optimized for Google. Search engine optimization requires websites to be continuously improved and tweaked. Google is a smart search engine that requires more attention than some other […]

  • Maximize Your Ecommerce Potential

    Sometimes simply having a great idea or an amazing product is not enough. All too often, what can really make or break a fledgling online business is the penetration of its marketing and quality of its product presentation. Today I hope to provide some basic tips that will propel your stagnating business into a thriving […]