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  • Landing Pages – Less Is More?

    In recent years, designers of web sites have come round to the idea that having a landing page cluttered with an excess of non-essential items isn’t the best way forward. By adding pointless stock photos, excessively patterned backgrounds, complicated navigation devices, barely used social media buttons and a variety of widgets, it has been realised […]

  • Fast Websites on Multiple Devices

    For most modern web designers, making a site that is responsive is their primary goal. While such a site can prove problematic in terms of performance, these issues can be easily remedied with just a few simple tweaks. Many responsive websites can experience slow-downs because they essentially load all their HTML elements at once. Images […]

  • Social Media Exposure

    Navigating and surviving in the world of social media can often be a tough task, especially when there are so many hidden pitfalls just waiting to undermine all your hard work. Here are some of my tips on what to avoid when using social media. Consider Posting More Than Once If you use Twitter and […]

  • Avoid These Web Design Mistakes

    Obviously the primary function of any website is to allow visitors to access the information they require easily and to make purchases if they want to buy something. It is for this reason that the user-centric approach is important for all web designers to remember. A website should clearly communicate the company message, be readable, […]

  • Online Fundraising – Reach Your Targets

    Organisations such as charities have always found it a difficult task to get enough donations in order to move forward with their good work. This has never been truer in today’s economic climate where people are donating less, many charities have established online campaigns and professional adverts cost too much to implement. In recent years, […]

  • Innovative CSS Tools For Web Designers

    Before we jump headfirst into the meat of this article, let’s first take a step back and define what Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are for those just getting into the world of web design. CSS is a style sheet language which allows the designer to manipulate the formatting and style of a document composed in […]

  • The New Business Social Network

    Launched earlier this year in January, SunZu is a new social network completely comprised of business people. This worldwide network’s primary aim is to provide business owners advice and support they need to expand their business and become more profitable. Those who join SunZu will be able to share business opportunities, meet new contacts, gain […]

  • Fundamentals Of Modern Web Design

    The last decade has truly seen the landscape of the business world change completely. Whereas in the past simply having a nice, clear website was enough, nowadays your business site must include a whole lot more such as contemporary design, social media content, usability and conversion. The advent of the SEO era has truly morphed […]

  • Introducing Pinterest To Your Website

    Pinterest is a new social networking concept that is already providing benefits for early adopters. By encouraging a form of social bookmarking, Pinterest is allowing small businesses to boost their brand online and expand their customer base. Even as you read this, millions of web users around the world are quickly pinning all their favourite […]

  • Website Navigation

    There is no point having exciting content, beautiful pictures and plenty of social networking tools if none of your visitors can access the sections they want. Website designs must, above all else, be intuitive, easy to understand and enjoyable to access for anyone that visits the site. Your primary goal should be to allow visitors […]