Innovative CSS Tools For Web Designers

Before we jump headfirst into the meat of this article, let’s first take a step back and define what Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are for those just getting into the world of web design. CSS is a style sheet language which allows the designer to manipulate the formatting and style of a document composed in markup language. While most commonly used to apply effects to HTML and XHTML, it can also be effective when used with and XML, SVG or XUL document.

While a plethora of CSS tools exist, identifying which ones are actually useful and most effective can be frustrating period of trial and error, even more so if you are just starting out. To save you time (and perhaps your sanity), we have compiled what we believe to be 5 of the most innovative and easy to use CSS tools that are sure to simplify your web development efforts.

1) CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet
This is a predefined list of plug and play animations which can be used in your projects. Simply include the stylesheet with your website and apply which premade features you would like animated. By using CSS3@keyframes, any animations you add will position themselves accordingly thus removing much frustration and time wasting. The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is fully compatible with all modern browser versions so compatibility will not be an issue.

2) Create CSS
This useful tool automatically lists properties and lets us modify the properties of them. We can also add many rules to a single element and the newly created CSS code can also be edited. Altogether a great tool that puts a lot of power at the users fingertips.

3) Salvattore
For those looking to create a website in the style of Pintrest, with a bright clear layout then Salvatore is the perfect tool. Unlike some other common tools, though, Salvattore is not compiled in JavaScript, but instead in CSS. It functions as a JavaScript solution but does not need a framework to function.

4) Animo.js
A small but extremely powerful tool, Animo.js is excellent for managing your CSS animations. with advanced features such as Stack animations, cross browser blurring and the ability to set callbacks upon animation completion, it’s no surprise this tool is becoming very popular. Using Animo.js also grants access to the quite wonderful animate.css library by Dan Eden which gives a vast amount amazing animations, with a few beginner animations also included to help newcomers.

5) :nth-child
An all powerful CSS selector tool specifically designed for selecting elements with a formula, this is perfect for those trying to style their layouts. while it can perhaps be a little daunting for a novice, the :nth-child website known as “nhMaster” offers a lot of help for those just starting out by providing a lot of written and visual aids.


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