Online Fundraising – Reach Your Targets

Organisations such as charities have always found it a difficult task to get enough donations in order to move forward with their good work. This has never been truer in today’s economic climate where people are donating less, many charities have established online campaigns and professional adverts cost too much to implement.

In recent years, however, a new outlet has risen to prominence that allows charities and organisations to increase awareness and increase their donations received. By using social media, charities can reach a much wider group of people than before, and in many cases even surpass their previous donation figures. Those charities using such social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can have their words read by millions in an instant, with heir word being spread by like minded individuals for free.

Establishing Campaign Management

Obviously the first thing to do is create a Facebook page, just like many other charities have done. this allows you to state why you need donations, show updates on particular cases (which can prompt further donations) and show how the money is making a real difference. If updated regularly, these pages can almost sustain themselves as emotionally invested supporters begin sharing their own stories and generate the content for you and eventually finds itself on other forms of social media.

Twitter is also an extremely powerful and far reaching way to quickly interact with followers. Quick links can be provided for donation pages and rapid updates given on important matters. Once again these messages can take on a life of their own as you find your posts being re-tweeted and spreading rapidly to users who had previously no exposure of your charity. If you are looking to share photos and video clips of fundraising events then use Instagram, an excellent way to spread your media content quickly.

Oh yeah, don’t forget Youtube, which is now second only to the mighty Google when it comes to search engines. Get a channel set up and start posting related content videos which can be directly linked to your Facebook and Twitter account. well crafted videos can elicit an emotive response that can truly boost awareness of your charity.


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