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Navigating and surviving in the world of social media can often be a tough task, especially when there are so many hidden pitfalls just waiting to undermine all your hard work. Here are some of my tips on what to avoid when using social media.

Consider Posting More Than Once

If you use Twitter and have a fairly large and loyal following, it is unlikely that they will se all of your tweets all of the time. In addition to this, many companies (ourselves included) have an extensive client list from around the world. This means different time zones and thus your informative tweet may be lost to the night time hours. So, if you feel your tweets are reaching their full target audience, get in the habit of posting at two different (but regular) times per day. This will maximize your exposure and show your foreign followers that you value their support.

An addition to this idea is to consider when you are posting updates at all. If you are targeting a specific region, then ensure that it is a tie in that region where people will actively be online and in a position to view your social media update.

Sometimes Less Is More

A well known feature of Twitter is its 140 character tweet limit. This has become a defining part of Twitter and often companies have to be very creative in order to fit what they want to say in such a small space.

What has been surprising, however, is that squeezing all your information and maxing out your character limit does not actually lead to more people reading and re-tweeting your post. Instead, research has shown that tweets that contain 120 – 130 characters actually get 17% more engagement. This phenomenon is not limited solely to Twitter, with Facebook posts under 250 characters get 60% more attention than their wordier alternatives.


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