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Launched earlier this year in January, SunZu is a new social network completely comprised of business people. This worldwide network’s primary aim is to provide business owners advice and support they need to expand their business and become more profitable. Those who join SunZu will be able to share business opportunities, meet new contacts, gain trade tips and read the latest updates related to their area of trade. The founder of SunZu, Dublin based businessman Lydon Wood, claims that SunZu is the “missing link in social business networking”.

Their initial projections of 1 million registered members by the end of 2013 may seem ambitious, but they have made a promising start with over 600,000 signing up in the first 6 months of SunZu’s launch.

The inspiration for SunZu’s name comes, of course, from the famous Sun Tzu, the writer of “The Art of War”. The mantra of that book says that winning a battle is about how much you know both about yourself and your opponent. SunZu tries to implement this concept into their social network where businesses can both learn about their weaknesses and see how similar business models have flourished by using different techniques.

Where SunZu tries to differ from other professional networking sites is that it actively encourage offline communication. The creators believe that by actually forging real world relationships with persons met online, it will strengthen their business and personal connections. While SunZU recognises the growth of online networking, they are still firm believers in face to face meetings and the importance it can have when establishing a level of trust in a new business partnership.

Members of SunZu will be required to create their own personal and company profiles that can be viewed by other members. They can also create SEO minded advertisements that allow for proper presentation of their businesses services and capabilities. Potential customers can also access these ads when they perform related searches on popular search engines.

If you want to learn some new business tricks, meet new clients and share ideas then maybe you  could give SunZu a try.


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